3v3 Tournament Rules - BALANCE Field Hockey Training, Clinics, Camps, Tournaments - Moorestown, NJ
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3v3 Tournament Rules

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Register as a Named Team.  If you want to play but do not have a team, please contact cindyo (at) balancedathletics.com to be placed.

  • Age Groups:  8-12 : Two Divisions   A & B     12-17   One Division.
    (must play in the age group of your oldest player)
    Please play up if your daughters are very skilled. It is better for all involved.
  • GAMES:
    • Each game is 4 minutes long and very fast paced without a break.
    • The officials on the field will take a minute or 2 to give constructive advice & input to both teams after the game.
    • Each team is guaranteed 8 games and will be given a schedule when they arrive. They need to carry this with them.
    • There is a master scoring sheet with each games score and W/L recorded.  The top 4 teams advance to Finals. There is a playoff followed by a Championship Game.
    • All games are loosely officiated.
  • To Score Goals:
    • All goals are Make it ake it. So the team who scores a goal retains possession and goes in the opposite direction.
      • Team must have a  controlled close dribbled through the 2 cones set up as a goal.  When notified of score, turn and go the other direction.
      • Team must have a controlled pass through the 2 cones (goal) to a teammate who controls it. Again, score, turn and go other way.
    • Goal hanging & goal tending will not be tolerated.
  • Winning Team and Runner Ups will earn prizes.
  • There is also a prize for best team theme/shirt.
  • Please remember we are here to have fun and learn more about playing the small game with our teammates utilizing give & gos, off the ball movement, talking, eliminations and good tackles.
  • These games are designed to help improve players small game and have lots of touches playing continuous hockey. To be successful, players must continuously move to get open, pass into open space, give and go and play under control.

We expect good sportsmanship from every team involved. This is a tournament to improve the small game while having fun. No comments should be made about any other participating teams.  Unsportsmanlike behavior will not be tolerated. We are all here for the love of the game!