About - BALANCE Field Hockey Training, Clinics, Camps, Tournaments - Moorestown, NJ
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Who We Are + What We Do

We BALANCE the importance of fundamentals with cutting-edge techniques that are crucial to get ahead in today’s game!

We’re a field hockey school offering high-quality training to all ages and skill levels. We offer high-quality skill training utilizing talented instructors to share their knowledge, expertise, and enthusiasm for the game to all attendees. BALANCE prides itself on quality coaching and the ability to work with all levels of players from beginners to advanced in 1st -12th grades and encourage boys to join us as well!. We group attendees by skill and or age so that every player gets the most out of each session.

Meet Our Staff

Talented players and coaches with a wide range of experience who all share a common goal of inspiring and training girls to LEARN, EXCEL and LOVE the game of field hockey.

Cindy O’Donnell

Since starting BALANCE in 2008, Cindy has always found ways to grow the game of field hockey and give players the tools necessary for them to be successful.

Melanie Dawson

Surrounded by the game since birth, Melanie has a knowledge and passion for the sport that is unmatched. Her coaching techniques and love for the game transfer into success on the field for all she trains!

Cat Badalato

Cat’s been coaching with BALANCE for over 5 years. Her confidence, dedication, skill, and passion for the game provides every player she coaches with the confidence, knowledge, and techniques needed for success on the field.

Colleen Connors

Colleen is never far from a field where she can coach and share her skills, knowledge, and passion for field hockey!  She has been coaching with BALANCE for over 4 years.

Sandra Orth

Sandra’s been coaching with BALANCE field hockey since its inception and her enthusiasm and positive energy give our youngest players the skill and confidence necessary to excel in the sport!

Michel Merkx

Growing up in Holland, field hockey has always been a part of Michel’s daily life. Whenever he has a chance to coach with us, we are thrilled to have him share his expertise with our players!

Current D1 Athletes

All of our D1 Athletes who coach at our camps and clinics have fantastic skills, confidence and an absolute enthusiasm for the sport of field hockey. Their ability to transfer it to our clinic and camp attendees is inspiring to all who work with them!